Mr. Powell and three second-degree Black Belts

Rockwall Black Belt Academy is a life skills academy. Our goal is simple: We strive to help children and adults be the best that they can be. We accomplish this by teaching The six tenets of Taekwondo:

  • Courtesy: being polite.
  • Integrity: telling the truth.
  • Perseverance: never giving up.
  • Students practicing with nunchuksSelf Control: controlling your actions.
  • Indomitable Spirit: keep a positive attitude.
  • Victory: we truly believe that by following the first five of these life tenets, you will achieve the sixth–victory–in all aspects of your life!

Rockwall Black Belt Academy is well rounded martial arts academy. While we believe firmly that Taekwondo is an excellent and time-tested martial art, we also believe there is much to be learned from other disciplines and martial arts. Our foundation is Taekwondo, but we incorporate a variety of martial arts styles. Our owner and chief instruction, Mr. Powell, has been trained in Hagannah, Brazilian ju-jitsu, and Pekiti Tirsia. This wide-ranging skill set allows our students to become diversely trained martial artists.