Although Rockwall Black Belt Academy focuses first and foremost on training our students through daily and weekly classes, we host a number of events that supplement both our TaeKwon-Do training and our students. Sometimes this means we just have fun with the kids!

One of our most popular events is our birthday parties. Many students want to introduce their friends to the games we play in class and at camp; hosting a birthday party at the RBBA is one of the easiest and best ways to do that. For more on scheduling a birthday party, check out our informational page on birthdays at the RBBA.

Party, TaeKwon-Do style!

As long as you’re thinking about your child having some fun, you should check out our Parents’ Night Out. At Parents’ Night Out, our students spend several hours playing games and pelting each other with pads… all while parents get a night to relax and enjoy a nice dinner or the latest movie. We announce each Parents’ Night Out on the RBBA home page, so keep an eye out!

Dodge Pad!

In addition to these fun events, the RBBA also hosts seminars from well-known and high-ranking TaeKwon-Do experts. These seminars are typically limited to a set number of students and focus on one specific aspect of training: sparring, patterns, or weapons, for example. We announce seminars as they’re upcoming on our home page.

Sparring Seminar