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At the RBBA, we believe diversity and variation is key to being a well-rounded martial artists, as well as being well-rounded in life. While we value our instructors, we also want to expose our students to other methods and approaches to teaching. You never know when the same thing–said in a slightly different way–will help a student go further than they ever have before.

This is why we love seminars at the RBBA. It gives us a chance to bring in instructors that the students aren’t used to hearing. These instructors may simply teach a normal class, or focus on a specific discipline. We’ve had seminars on sparring, patterns, a specific weapon like sticks or tonfas, and much much more. On top of all that, our seminars are fast-paced, a lot of fun, and create tons of opportunities for bonding.

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We’ll post upcoming seminars on our home page, so stay tuned for an opportunity for you and your child to really focus in on something specific, learn from new instructors, and continue your journey as a martial artist.