Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taekwondo?

Founded centuries ago in Korea, Taekwondo is an ancient combat sport. It is among the world’s most widely practiced martial arts. Taekwondo teaches self-defense, strategy, self-respect, respect for others, and is empowering to both children and adults. It’s also a terrific exercise for people of all ages.

Rockwall Black Belt Academy’s well-established curriculum offers high-quality instruction taught by Certified Black Belt instructors. Taekwondo utilizes both hands and feet, with a particular emphasis on kicking–thus distinguishing it from other martial arts such as karate, judo, and kung fu. Loosely translated, TaeKwon-Do (Taekwondo) means “the way of the foot and fist.”

How old does my child have to be to start classes?

We recommend your child be at least four years old to start taking classes. If you have a three-year old child that you feel might do well in an organized class environment, please call us to schedule a trial class, and our nationally- and internationally-trained instructors can evaluate how your child responds.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we do, and in fact we always want you or your child to attend at least one trial class before committing to training. Please contact us and schedule a time to come in. At the trial class, your child is evaluated alongside other current students, and the instructors will discuss your child and your goals personally after the trial classes. But do please let us know you’re coming, so we can give you and your child the attention you both deserve.

What should I or my child wear to the free trial class?

You can wear anything that is comfortable. You will be kicking, punching, and moving quickly, so loose athletic clothing is best. It also gets warm in the gym, so shorts and short-sleeve shirts may be appropriate.

When does my child start sparring?

The Little Dragons class (four- and five-year olds) do not ever spar. Once a student begins taking classes as part of our junior or adult program, they must earn their green belt to begin sparring. This is equivalent to roughly five to six months of training if a student is attending class two to three times a week.

How often can my child test for a new belt rank?

Belt testing occurs every ten weeks for Little Dragons and all lower-rank belts (white, yellow, green, and blue). Upper-rank belts (red and brown) test every twelve weeks, and testing times than increase for 1st degree black belts and beyond. If a student begins taking class in the middle of a testing cycle (for example, four weeks into the ten-week cycle), the RBBA instructors will evaluate whether or not they are prepared for an initial testing without a full ten weeks of training.

How many times per week can my child attend?

Each belt rank offers classes on four different days, at different times, each week. This allows you to find several convenient times to attend each week. We recommend that a student attend at least two to three times a week to keep up with their training and to advance at every belt testing.

Can adults attend classes?

Absolutely! We love adults, and have adult classes four days a week, and multiple times on Tuesday and Thursday. Older and larger children and teenagers are encouraged to try an adult class, as well, particularly if they are not challenged in the junior classes. Our adult classes follow the same format and training program as the junior classes, although they are often more intense, offer more strength training, and teach self defense appropriate for adults at earlier ranks.

What is the difference between the white and the black uniforms?

All students are given white uniforms when they begin their training. The black uniforms, though, indicate a student is part of the RBBA leadership program. Students enrolled in the leadership program receive extended training in smaller groups at the end of classes, and are taught additional skills such as martial arts weapons training and refinements to their patterns.

A student typically becomes eligible for leadership when they have achieved an advanced yellow or green belt. In addition to consistent effort and frequent class attendance, Mr. Powell ensures that students in leadership are performing well in school and are obeying their parents at home. Mr. Powell will speak to a student’s parents when he feels a student is ready for the leadership program.

My child is out of control. Can you help?

We focus on creating an atmosphere of fun that is still firm by using discipline and rewards in all of our classes and training. In addition to our overall Taekwondo philosophy, our instructors are happy to speak with you one-on-one to help ensure your child has the best possible experience. If you have concerns about your child, please contact us and schedule a time to discuss your concerns with our instructors.