Rockwall Black Belt Academy values our instructors over all other aspects of our school and its training program. Ultimately, we believe that our instructors should model behaviors, attitudes, and actions to which every RBBA student should aspire. In other words, our instructors are not simply Taekwondo teachers; they are role models.

Every RBBA instructor has trained personally and extensively with our owner and chief instructor, Mr. Powell. We do not “rent” or hire instructors that we do not know, because the safety and training of your child–and you–is too important to be left to strangers or well-meaning teachers who we do not personally know. This ensures that a student’s training is consistent regardless of who is teaching a particular class.

As we grow, we must continue to look for new instructors to expand–and we do that through our students! Several of our younger black belts are already assisting in class instruction of lower belts; they are the next generation of Rockwall Black Belt Academy instructors. They are also learning that Taekwondo is not just about learning martial arts, but about passing on what has been learned to those younger and less-experienced.

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