Robert Powell

Owner and Chief Instructor

Robert PowellRobert Powell started his Martial Arts training in December of 1993 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Taekwondo lessons were a gift from his parents for Christmas. He enjoyed the kicking and punching of Taekwondo, while his parents enjoyed the discipline, self control, and perseverance.

Mr. Powell fell in love with competing at his first competition as a yellow belt. He went on to earn his 1st dan (black belt) in August of 1995. Mr. Powell has traveled and competed extensively at the local, national, and international level through the USTF, GTF, UTA, ICTF, ITF, ITS and WTA. He earned his 5th dan in June of 2010, and has been a member of the past eight USA men’s teams. He is one of the most experienced international competitors in the nation today.


Some of his National and International accomplishments are as follows:

  • World Championships in Rimini, Italy 2000, USA Junior Men’s Team. Won a silver in team patterns and a bronze in team sparring.
  • European Championship in Sterling, Scotland 2001, USA Men’s Team. Won a bronze in team sparring and individual bronze in sparring.
  • World Championship in Toronto, Canada 2002, USA Men’s Team. Won gold in individual sparring, gold in jump front kick, gold in flying side kick, and gold in team board breaking.
  • World Championships in Orlando, Florida 2003, USA Men’s Team. Won gold in individual patterns and silver in individual sparring. Won gold in team sparring and patterns.
  • World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada 2006. Won gold in individual sparring.
  • North American Championships in Miami, Florida 2007. Won gold in individual sparring and patterns.
  • National Championships in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Won gold in sparring.
  • ITS British Championships 2010. Won team gold in sparring and patterns, as well as silver in individual patterns and gold in individual sparring.
  • ITS British Championships 2010. Mr. Powell had his first student compete in an international tournament. Morgan Tucker was on the junior women’s team that won gold in team patterns and team sparring. Mr. Powell was an assistant coach to the Junior Women’s team.
  • ITF Open World Championships, Italy 2015. Won gold in individual sparring as well as silver in individual patterns.
  • Multiple Demonstration Teams, including the captain and choreographer of the 2005 and 2006 McKinney Team that won the USTF National Competition.

Mr. Powell and a Student
Mr. Powell graduated from Hendrix College in 2006 with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Management.  Mr. Powell’s other interests include Boy Scouts and baseball. He reached the rank of Eagle Scout and was a 4 year letterman in baseball in both high school and college.