Parents’ Night Out remains our most popular event. Students and friends get to spend a night pummeling each other–and often, our instructors–while parents can take a few hours to catch a movie or enjoy a nice dinner at Rockwall’s the Harbor. You can find out more on our Parents’ Night Out page.

Birthday parties are another way that our students and their friends can enjoy RBBA outside of the normal class schedule. Take a look as kids–and their parents–enjoy a night of games, sugar, and even a little board breaking. To schedule your own student’s birthday party at the RBBA, just visit our party page.

Sometimes, you just have to get outdoors! The RBBA participates in an annual Master Camp, where students and instructors get to shed their uniforms and climb, run, and scream outside. There’s TaeKwon-Do, but there are also ropes courses, bungee jumps, and much more. We’ll announce each year’s Master’s Camp on our website, so keep an eye out.